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Mooncalf 09-20-2016 08:01 PM

Ottawa/Gatineau Veggie Circus Punk Bus Crew
Hey Y'all,

So, I'm a juggler and fire spinner, and after a long crazy series of events, involving my now-ex-girlfriend and I working on a Hutterite colony in Alberta, three friends and I bought a bus last Spring. We immediately set to work installing a waste vegetable oil (WVO) system, which works splendidly. The plan was to tour with our circus troupe.

Unfortunately, insurance has been a nightmare. The only company willing to insure us in Ontario was called Facility. Believe it or not, it says ON THEIR WEBSITE that: " If you are currently insured through Facility Association, you probably should be shopping for insurance elsewhere, because Facility Association exists to make sure coverage is available for those unable to obtain it anywhere else." After many stressful days pulling our hair out trying to get insurance, we got our bus (named Mooncalf) insured as a personal vehicle for ~$225 a month, which we gladly swallowed as we had a tour booked.

A couple months later, without any notice, my ex got a letter saying that the insurance has been cancelled... Apparently they decided that our bus was too heavy to be considered a "personal vehicle". (I might be getting some details wrong, my ex was the one dealing with the insurance companies). So we had to park it for the winter.

Apparently, in Ontario there is only one company who will insure school buses converted to motor homes, and it has to meet some pretty strict criteria (cooking facility, toilet, refrigeration, independent electrical supply, running water, and more). So it's

Over the winter, my girlfriend and I broke up. So now we co-own a bus we can't drive. She put a bunch of work and money into it, planning to keep it, and finally gave up and said **** it. I said that I'd take it, put a bunch of time and money into it, and on Thursday an appraiser is coming to look at it, which is the final step before we can get insurance on it. If all goes according to plan, the bus will be insured by next week.

The plan is to get it insured (it's already plated and registered in Ontario), and GTFO of Ontario. So I'm wondering - can anyone recommend insurance companies in other provinces? It would be most convenient to insure it in Quebec - I speak French and I already live in Quebec, but I would be willing to go to BC if they have more humane laws/practices regarding converted school buses.

Also, if anyone has some inspiring words, I'd like to hear 'em! It's been a slog.

I also offer this as words of caution to overzealous would-be skoolies.. if you want to live the dream, GTFO of Ontario!!! Register and insure your bus anywhere else, by any means necessary!!!

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