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Sunbear 01-19-2017 05:42 PM

My brakes stick whenever its wet
Whenever it rains my brakes stick and squeel like a metal on metal sound for the first ten or 15 minutes of driving then it just stops and everything is fine. Im worried though that 1its hurting something and 2 its just not right and its me and my 4 year old in the bus and I want him to be safe.
Anybody care to truobleshoot please?

cowlitzcoach 01-19-2017 06:24 PM

If you park the bus after driving in the rain you will have water up on the drums to a greater or lesser extent. The next time you go to go, you will have had some rust build up on the nice and shiny surfaces of the brake drum. The first few applications of the brakes will result in squeaking and squealing until the rust is worn off.

I can remember on Monday mornings I would ride the brakes as lightly as I could to see how far I could go until the brakes didn't squeal any longer. I am sure the people along my route didn't appreciate my scientific experiments before 7:00 AM as much as I did. :)

Setting off car alarms with the bus exhaust was another Monday morning pleasure. :)

You have to find pleasure in your work or work ceases to be fun.

Carytowncat 01-19-2017 10:51 PM

Edit; jist read the above post and that seems more likely.


My concern is that you have a sticky caliper that starts squeaking when it rains, but is in fact sticking all other times as well. The way to check is after a 5 mile drive the rim itself will be hotter than the other ones. If this is the case.

Good luck!

cadillackid 01-20-2017 06:57 AM

is your bus air brakes with drums? if so trheres no caliper to stick, also notice almost al the commercial trucks you hear ouit and about have somewhat squeaky brakes.. im guessing the shoe material used on air drum brakes is different than the disc hydraulic plus like cowlitz says moisture trapped in the drums takes a little bit to heat up and get rid of.

I also second taking temperatures lkike cary says.. I carry a temperature gun with me and routinely shoot it at the rims, hubs, engine heads, etc ... not as much for asctual temperature but in case I see something out of line.. ie if one hub is 25 degrees higher than another swhen it never was before I might raise concern..


Sunbear 01-20-2017 04:15 PM

Air brakes no calipers but this is more than just squealing they grab and stick and the sound is horrible

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