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ourmefa 01-28-2017 10:47 AM

Global Village Machines with Plans
I thought this might be a good resource to share with everyone here as it shows lots and lots of different machines and how they are built piece by piece. They are all open source designs that can be freely copied and modified. If you can contribute back uses, please do. While we are on the road, one of my big "projects" will be to contribute more to this community. They are providing the core of what I see to be self sufficient living, which I know for many in the skoolie community is an ultimate goal.

Machines : Index | Open Source Ecology

I thought this might be of particular interest to the folks here - GVCS Power Cube - I eventually plan to have hydraulically activated equipment on the bus (slideouts and platforms). I would like the option of power generation with other capabilities, such as a hydraulic pump. This kind of system is a win win if I can make it fit space wise.

All plans on GVCS include blueprints and instructions - Power Cube Plans

Would love to hear of others that have looked at on board power generation that provides other services, air would be another component. I believe some of the GVCS systems provide air as an option, but I have not looked deeply at it.

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