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jollybus78 02-25-2017 03:04 PM

Help with Control Panel Electric
OK so, have a 1999 Freightliner FS 65. 7.2 Cat. Had the solenoid go bad in the electrical box that contains all the switches. (Directly behind the fan switches.) Good news? The solenoid is replaced and the Bus started right up. Bad news? Nothing on my panels work now. Everything lights up but now zero switches work. Wipers, ac,fans, heater etc., All toast. Any suggestions? If pics are needed, let me know. Thanks everyone.

cowlitzcoach 02-25-2017 04:59 PM

Fortunately for you your bus is not a C2 bus with full multiplexing. Even though some of those models are closing in on 20-years old they are still having electrical gremlins.

It sounds as if you didn't get the correct solenoid installed.

There are two types of solenoids--constant and momentary.
  • Momentary are like starter solenoids that allow a huge amount of amps to flow through the circuit relatively swiftly. They are not designed to carry large loads over long periods of time
  • Constant are a physical switch that allows a full load of battery voltage to flow through for long periods of time when the switch is closed. When the switch is opened it does NOT allow anything in the circuit to have juice.
If you took out a Constant and installed a Momentary solenoid the internal workings would burn themselves out if they didn't blow their own circuit breaker whenever any load showed up on the circuit.

If when you turn on the key and you do NOT hear a solenoid turning on then you will know you still have a problem. You will need to determine if turning on the key sends the signal to the panel that juice is now available. If that doesn't happen it could easily because you do not have a decent ground going from the battery to the chassis.

If when you turn on the key and you DO hear a solenoid turning on then you will know your problem lies beyond the solenoid.

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