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Clayton 07-27-2017 10:52 AM

Best prices on new injectors.
Money is tight after buying the rebuild parts for my DT466, doing the head ect.... So I'm trying to be as careful spending as possible. I had the diesel injectors tested and all 6 are needing replacement. Is there a place that sells injectors for a reasonable price? I will consider reconditioned also.

Brad_SwiftFur 07-27-2017 12:36 PM

There are places all over that sell replacement injectors. I called Summit Racing (for unrelated parts) and just out of curiosity had them pull up a 3800 series IH. They *DO* list the injectors for both the DT466 and the T444. The DT466 injectors start for about $115 each or $742 (presumably for a set of 6). The T444E injectors (for anyone who needs 'em) are generally around $200 each (remanufactured).

Booyah45828 07-27-2017 03:20 PM

Make sure you get the right ones(dt466 vs dt466e). I think 1996 was the year break for the difference.

Most of the time, you'll regret going cheap on injectors, especially on remans. I prefer alliant for international stuff. They were the factory supplier when new IIRC.

We deal with international fuel systems in findlay oh and they take care of it.

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