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Kb9nbd 08-27-2017 12:44 PM

Greetings All! New here and saying hi!
Well hello everyone,

My name is Shawn and I've got the "skoolie" itch. I found this forum and thought it would be a great idea to join, since I am going to assuredly have lots of questions going forward. While I am good at figuring things out, and am very handy, I see there are a TON of great threads on here.

I would like to ask if the following "schedule" makes sense. I have been working on basic floor plans, and solving issues that I see other people have had for my own bus when I finally get one. Right now, I am about 70/30 in favor of getting the project off the ground. My biggest hold up is of course where to store/work on it. I also live in WI with family in Northern IL, so I will be designing for cold weather year-round use. I plan on making my bus my primary residence, but still having a "home base" to come back to if needed.

Here is a tentative schedule of what I am thinking. Starting month/year will vary of course.

Jan - Buy Bus and Strip bus down, then finalize plans

February - Remove windows that are not needed and install elec conduit and through the floor plumbing

March - Insulate and lay subfloor, then frame walls and bed area

*March - Install ceiling

April - Install tanks for water (Fresh, grey, black) and propane system, then plumb and install the bathroom

?? Move in ??

May - Install primary 120v electrical system

June - Frame Benches, panel walls and move in needed furniture

2nd half of year is up for discussion. I have attached the current V.2 general plans.

Any suggestions are of course incredibly welcome.

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