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KaptnKAOS 04-29-2007 11:31 AM

Olde Skool update
Olde Skool Update 4-28-07

Today was definitely a bump bus working on day…
The weather was perfect…
Sunny, 70-75 degrees, with a slight breeze... oh yeah !!!
After being sick for the past 3 days, it was really nice to actually get outside and do something productive.

Project one: updating the fuse block… removed the crusty old fuse block. Once removed, I found that two wire connections had rusted thru... one wire wasn’t even attached. The other had one of the fingers that hold the glass fuse in, fell out when I removed the fuse.
After fabricating a mounting plate for the new fuse block everything else just fell in order. Total cost of the conversion: Fuse block …………. $15.00
2 inline fuse holders …$4.00
Fuse assortment…… $2.49
Wire clamps………….$1.40

Satisfaction from getting the job done myself… Priceless

Project two: Attacking the rear lighting situation again.
Got the drivers side nearly done… finished getting the large lights rebuilt. Made new gaskets, repainted, new sockets installed. Also finished rebuilding the license plate light. I still have to make a new gasket for both lenses. Got every hooked up ready to do the actual installation and found out the new light would not fit into the old hole… the new housing is about an 1/8 wider in the back that the old one even though it is the same size light. Had to use a cutting wheel to enlarge the hole… the hole still needs stretched a little bit more but it fit well enough to smoke test things… I hooked up the battery, clicked on the light switch to first position, checked and both front and rear markers worked …Yes !!!
I pulled the switch to the second position… headlights came on, the front markers went off, but the rear ones stayed on just like they are supposed to… yes !!! (I’m gonna change it so the front markers stay on when headlights are on)
Then I clicked on the turn signal … click…click… click ahhh what a wonderful sound… yes, I got flashed… I still have to finish doing the passenger side, but I am a whole lot further along today than I was yesterday.

I have uploaded some new pics of today’s progress to my webshots album…

Take care and God bless,

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