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KaptnKAOS 05-27-2007 05:35 PM

Olde Skool update 5/27/07
Olde Skool update 5-26-07

Spent most of the day working on the bus…
It was perfect weather for it, not to hot not cold…just right…
I started out this morning by making a new top gasket for the carb. I fixed the choke earlier this week. That entailed swapping tops with the parts carb I picked up at the wrecking yard a couple of weeks ago. The little piece I picked up the parts carb for was just enough different that it wouldn’t work with out swapping the top that it came with… easily done, the gasket was hard and wouldn’t seal. I just used it as a template and made another gasket. After putting the carb back together, she fired right up and no more gas leaks… yes !!!
Then, I de-rusted the oil bath air cleaner the best I could and shot it with some rust converter, then a couple of coats of black paint… it looks a whole lot better than it did.
I don’t know yet if I will keep the oil bath breather or go to an oil-less kind later… time will tell. Then, it was back to work on the lighting again.
I got both sets of back up lights installed.
One set is a pair of 55 watt halogen driving lights that are hooked up to the switch in the drivers cabin. The other set is a pair of 16 led lights (2x16=32 total leds). They are hooked up to the deep cycle battery, with a switch in the back, so they can be turned on independently and not run down the starting battery. I thought that might come real handy when out campin’ and trying to get set up in the dark.
I installed the pair of led triangle clearance lights I got from the “Saving Grace Supply” e-bay store. They so closely matched the stock clearance lights that even the screw holes lined up perfectly… once installed it is nearly impossible to tell the difference. I still have 3 more clearance lights that aren’t working, but I think that it is just the bulbs on them. I replaced one bulb today and that light worked fine. S I am hoping that the other ones will as well.
I’m nearly ready to reinstall the two rear panels. I still need to pick up a couple of ¼ inch female jacks before I’m ready to button the two back panels back up. I may need to temporarily install the back panel itself so I can drill some holes for the speaker jacks and switches.
I also installed some interior 12 volt light fixtures that I removed from the camper. The bus had two stock dome lights that had no cover just a bulb. The new light fixtures use the same kind of bulb, but look a lot nicer. They also have switches so they can be turned on individually. They can both be turned on or off from the drivers console if the switches are in the on position on the lights themselves. I like that option.
I ended the day working on my Viking thrusting spear. I had purchased a butt cap a few months ago and had to taper the shaft to make it fit right. I wanted to get it finished before June Faire this coming weekend. I just need to treat it with some linseed oil then it will be finished…. Yes !!!

What a great day it has been…

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