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Sebazimut 10-20-2017 03:05 PM

school bus storage in california
hi guys, i m a french man with an american school bus, i bought it one year ago in florida. I`ve been from florida to Quebec (canada) then New orleans, then to cancun in mexico , then back to vancouver. I am now in california...
what a good trip... but unfortunately i have to park my bus here from december to next july... I am looking for a cheap place to park my bus or maybe someone who has a field or property. In exchange they may rent the bus (that has been converted to a comfortable home) as rbnb or a tiny house for him... if anybody get a clue.. merci les amis..

abbedotson 10-21-2017 01:36 AM


would you consider letting us use the bus for a few trips in exchange for parking it at our place? if so, do you have any photos? we are in los angeles...considering purchasing and renovating a bus but would love to try it out first! thanks-

Rusty 10-21-2017 03:01 AM


No dollars change hands. :popcorn:

abbedotson 10-21-2017 02:10 PM

do you have any pictures? is there a way for us to communicate directly off this forum?

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