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Steve 11-26-2003 04:21 PM

What is
1. Located at will be links to the various areas of and to other informations, links, and pictures around the web.

-This page is not even started really.

2. There is a forum for the network located at where people can have good discussions about their conversions in a nice interface and loads of features. It will be nice to post pictures and links directly into the board instead of having them get messed up by yahoo.

-This feature is complete and up and running. Go ahead and start using it if you would like to try it out.

3. I am also running a Domain Name Server at which will allow all of those people who have free websites with long names register their site under the name. For example if there address is they will be able to get a new name of which directs (or frames) people to their site. It is much better looking and easier to type in.

-This feature is up and running. I have just a little more work to do on it and it will be complete.

4. The new webserver I put has plenty of extra storage on it. I am going to allow owners of buses to register with a name and password and get their own web site storage on the server. This will give people who don't already have a place to put up a website, or host their pictures a way to do so. (Ad free by the way, which will be a very nice thing for all those viewing it)

-I have not started on this feature, I still need to do some testing to see to make sure that the server will be secure and that they will have a disk quota properly set up.

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