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Blue hole 01-27-2018 10:45 AM

Home Sweet Home
After 5 years of thinking about building a tiny home and 1 year of lurking this site I finally bought a shuttle bus Yesterday.

It's 1995 Ford E350 with a rebuilt Gas 5.8L 351 Windsor motor and an Eldorado shell with 221,334 miles.

It has a lot of miles! But really low rust. It has had an engine rebuild and regular maintenance as it has been a church bus in the south most of it's life.

I was wanting to get one with the 7.3l diesel as I understand it is the best but I found this around the corner for $2300 and I bit.

My question is how did I do!?

My plan is to live in it full time, I'm probably not going to be touring across the country but I would like it to be mobile so I can move around to wherever life takes me.

I tried searching the forum and could not find much on this engine so that worries me. I know it's not diesel but is this considered a good gas engine?
What should I look out for? As I live in Arkansas we do not have emission regulations so i was planning on removing some of that to let the engine breath a little more.

It has a slow engine leak and possibly transmission and it seems to have a high idle.
Also does anybody have an idea on expected MPG I was hoping for 10mpg not so sure anymore.

I'm a bit overwhelm and very excited.

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