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toplessartist 04-13-2018 02:52 PM

The TardBarge is too loud
Well, I need to get the TardBarge a new exhaust system from the headers back, partly from a noise stand-point, but also for the loss of HP I'm noticing. I have a brand new crate motor (1 year old) 5.7 Chevy gas motor making great smooth sounds under the hood, but from the headers I'm sensing and hearing a loss of exhaust that is both noisy and robbing me of some pep. When I pull up to most shuttles/busses or box vans or delivery vehicles of the same ilk they make little or more hushed noise than my vehicle… My Yukon has the same motor but is quiet. Why does the bus have to sound like a tank? Anyone find a nice setup that is neighbor-friendly and horsepower-wise?

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