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mrmchoohaa 05-11-2018 08:29 PM

WiFi @ Campsites/on the road ?
Hello all.

My trip to Canada is coming to a close, and on the 16th I'll be heading back to the US. I typically rush as quickly as possible to get from A to B. That's a bad habit. I have two weeks until I begin my next house sit in Austin, so I figured I will take my time for a change.

In your experience or observations, do you recommend particular places to stay along the way? I'm a fan of, so I am all about keeping the fees down to a minimum.

What is your experience with utilising WiFi on the road? I tutor, but I'll have a few days off.

When I have no house sit, I typically go to Starbucks, etc for the WiFi.

I discovered that Subway, at least here in Alberta, has excellent WiFi connections.

I'd love to find a way to be fully independent with my own cell service.

That seems like a whole different bag of complexity.

Any input?

Thank you!


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