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beachtomountains 05-30-2018 10:14 AM

Inspecting for Purchase..5.9l help
Hello all,

I'm looking at this one to purchase :

As you can read in the description this owner has some emotional connections and sweat equity (like 3k worth he thinks) going on here. I've done my reading on this engine and the smoke he describes might be worn oil seals. So I want to inspect the turbo and look for other known 5.9L issues but I don't actually know what I'm looking at. This site is really difficult to search, so can anyone point me to resources to help, especially anything visual like videos or photos.

Opinions on this particular bus for sale are welcome as well. It looks like an activity bus so the miles actually might be that low, but if it's got issues with that mileage I'm not buying. Much newer buses are going for about half the price in this area, so hopefully this guy realizes that if this bus is worth buying.

Thank you so much!

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