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itsart 10-06-2007 06:18 PM

Input on vintage bus please
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Hello All,

After spending 3 months in the redwoods area of Northern California drooling over all the sweet conversions,I am now home in South Texas.

I have been looking for the right project to come along and today I saw something that really caught my eye.Thre catch is that it is a different item.

I spotted a neat looking skoolie today w/ a for sale sign on it so I flipped a quick u-turn and peeked in at it and got knocked off my feet with love at first sight.I would like some input about the model and price and such if anybody wouldn't mind .

The bus is a 1950 REO conversion,it has a full conversion including a kitchen,bunk area w/ 4 bunks a small bathroom with a shower,all plumbing and fixtures tanks and such seem to really nice and the bust has a great overall feel and looks including a great body and nice glass and hardware,I can tell that somebody really loved this bus.It also has propane heater and a really neat generator/cargo platform and and cage on back

The powertrain is a 455 oldsmobile with an auto tranny one of my favorite parts (being a hot rodder at heart) is the floor mounted B&M shifter.It also has a the original dash and steering wheell which i think is just way too cool.The engine is really clean with some after market parts and chrome and its really clean on the under side.The interior looks like maybe it was redone in about the 90's and it has a real nice fat cushy drivers seat.After a call to the owner he says it runs great and that all it really needs is some brakes to be driveable.

The asking price for this bus is $4,000 I am hoping to get it for $3,000 or $3,500

My feeling is that it is really unique and I would love to own and maintain it,could somebody please give me input about this.

I have found a picture of a simular bus that is not converted for general refrence

swinada 10-06-2007 08:18 PM

Re: Input on vintage bus please
If you really like it, not just the outside also the conversion that has been done, then I would take it for a test drive and depending on your mechanical skills crawl underthere and check it out or have a mechanic check it over to see what needs to be fixed or updated. If all turns out and no major things need to be repaired, buy it.
All he plumbing, electical and heating components in there are worth money and took a lot of work to put it in. Post some pictures of the actual bus so we can drewl over it too.
Good luck. :)

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