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Mitchell 06-24-2018 09:07 AM

Any pro's who can help me get started?
In about 2 months I want to purchase a short bus to start my conversion. I want to spend around 2k on a bus. I don't know much about engines and whatnot, so I was hoping someone could help me out. What type of bus/engine/tranny should I be looking for? I do plan on traveling but not every day or constantly. I have places I plan on staying at for semi short periods of time up and down the west coast. I currently live in Alaska and would love to be able to take the bus up mountains. I want to be able to fit a small couch, a bathroom, kitchen and then a bed. It would just be me(6ft) and my black lab(60lb) plus a friend that will be accompanying me for the first 8 months. I dont know if I gave any of the right information with this... But if you need more let me know. Thanks in advance and I cant wait to get started!

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