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fandango83 07-06-2018 12:08 PM

Driving tips
Hey, just had some driving experience I wanted to share and wish to have input on:

When I drive my bus (3126 Cat diesel automatic transmission) I start in the lower gear (2), then when I get to about 35 km/hr (20-ish mph), I switch to main drive gear (D). Is this the proper way? It seems like my engine prefers to start like this rather than in D straight away.

Also, when engine braking, is there a best way to do it? When I gear down, the rpm go up obviously, but how high should or shouldn't they be? Should I brake before gearing down?

Does anyone here add anything to their diesel as well for lubrication/cleaning? I had one guy tell me that he dumps a shot of ATF in his diesel since new diesel no longer has the sulphur needed to lubricate older engines. I'd love to hear some input on this. Thanks a lot!

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