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Fillbee 07-08-2018 03:11 PM

Food truck
Iím relatively new here, looks like Iím the only one to do a bus into food truck. Thereís probably a reason for that. Lots of additional regs Iíve got to deal with. Let alone raise and straighten a 7í section of the roof for my hood vent. Iíve been working on it for a few months hoping to open in late August early September. Keeping it school bus colors the menu will have school related names ie the home room, or the fire drill, etc. itís at the welders now hopefully have it back next week. Trying to figure out how to post pictures??

IzzysPizzaBus 08-10-2018 03:42 AM

I am possibly 1 day away from buying my bus to do this too! We should definitely connect about the process. I am doing a pizza bus, so mine is honestly pretty simple as far as kitchen etc. Only cooking equipment will be the pizza oven, regular deck style, and I can vent it out with a pipe. I am in NV, requirements are min 6' inside height so without needing a hood I should be good. I am going to DIY the whole thing top to bottom, I can't wait. I've been researching things non stop about installation etc. Water pumps and heaters, propane, mounting everything, water tanks and gaskets and plumbing... You know! Then, getting the thing insured, registered, converted, re-registered, etc. Getting (hopefully) a Thomas 24 passenger, handicap, 7 window. I'm crazy anxious, if I get this thing there's no turning back!
Got any photos of yours?

oredigger 08-10-2018 05:30 AM

I was in Huntsville, AL a few months ago. There is a mexican food truck bus there. Of course I had to stop and try it out.

cadillackid 08-10-2018 08:08 AM

there is a guy in the northeast who is moving to florida who has his bus just about built.. it is called the groovy grill bus.. he might be a source of info for you.


Fillbee 08-11-2018 07:21 PM

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Hey briznitch
Glad there is another skoolie food trucker on here. Definitely have to keep in touch. I was hoping to be open next week but I am dreadfully way behind schedule. Probably be mid September. I canít believe you donít need a hood vent. I should have gone the pizza route. Lol. Thereís a bunch of hurdles to jump over here In Tennessee. Hoping things go smoothly for you.

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