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Good4YouGuys 07-09-2018 08:28 PM

Propane Generator Installation500
Good Evening Everyone,

So we are in the last stages of our skoolie conversion. My uncle has been helping me and he is great with plumbing and electrical. However, he has never installed a propane generator before or propane tank. We have a 40 gallon propane tank and a Cummins 5500 propane generator. We also have to attach the propane to our hot water heater and stove top. He has run all the hard iron lines to each of the areas, but he is at a loss on what regulators and other piping to use to connect to the propane tank, generator, stove and hot water heater. Can anyone out there assist in letting me know what else we will need to get the propane connected, so we can get our generator running? I would greatly appreciate it.

ol trunt 07-09-2018 08:51 PM

Most often, the propane pressure regulators are placed at the outlet port of the tank, When this is done, each of the appliances down stream are metered for and fed from the same regulator. Since you are designing your own system you will need to determine the pressure/flow rate of each of your appliances from mfg specs and hope they all require the same pressures and flow rate. If the appliances (and genny) require different pressures and flow you will need to plumb in more than one regulator to get the job done by stepping down the pressure in the lines from highest to lowest required pressure. It is sometimes possible to re-jet appliances to get the same job done. It sounds sort of like fun to figure out. You should have no trouble figuring it out. Jack:popcorn:

Good4YouGuys 07-10-2018 11:30 AM

As I have never dealt with propane before, what is the pressure and flow rate?

This is the info I have from the MFG:

Two Burner Stove Top: Max. Power: Top Hob 8400 BTU, Bottom Hob 5800 BTU

Hot Water Heater: Max Power: 12000 BTU

Generator: Didn't see the BTUs but here are the specs...

Any further guidance would be truly appreciated.

Good4YouGuys 07-10-2018 11:36 AM is a link to a better spec sheet on the generator:

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