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tkstudio 10-24-2007 05:12 AM

british columbia conversion registration
I just bought a Blue Bird All American bus to convert into an RV / Home.

Does anyone know if I have to or how to register this as an RV here in BC, Canada?


timecrash 10-27-2007 03:23 PM

Re: british columbia conversion registration
I own a '86 Bluebird which was converted by the Previous owner. We listed it as a Ubuilt, which meant we had to come up with a market price...which was the price i paid for it. They didnt bother looking at it or give me hassles over what constituted an RV or what....or require a special license to drive it. I pay about 500 bucks a year, at 50% discount. Pretty painless. If you live in vancouver you have to do this AirCare thingy where they check your emissions. Thats it.

Good luck!

swinada 10-28-2007 06:52 AM

Re: british columbia conversion registration
ok Timecrash can you elaborate a little bit on that?
Where do you live?
What was it listed as when you bought it?
You say you listed it as an ubuilt, ubuilt RV?
What insurance broker did you use?
cause if it was that easy for you I'm coming to your insurance broker to insure my bus.
Right now i got my 96 Thomas insured as a pleasure use bus, which costs me $1200 a year with discount.
My insurance broker told me (as well as ICBC head office) that i would have to go through a full BC inspection since I'm making structural changes to the vehicle. All the things I'm doing inside electrical, plumbing, gas have to be certified to pass the inspection. So after getting that info i decided not to bother about getting it licensed as an RV. At present legally I also would need a class 2 DL to drive this bus, which I don't have. I figured if the cops pull me over I'll argue with them if this is a bus with more then 25 seats (24+1driver is what I can legally drive) or just an RV.
So any tips you could pass on would be greatly appreciated.
BTW I'm in the Peace River region the NorthEast of BC.

timbuk 12-07-2007 08:37 PM

Re: british columbia conversion registration
i live in bc and my bus is reggyed as a motorhome on the island it has had this status for a long time before i ever owned it i have heard that there is a list of items that constitute this status that the mohome must have i believe that this is the cheapest way to insure these creatures and a class 5 will do the trick

swinada 12-08-2007 07:19 AM

Re: british columbia conversion registration
and how much are you paying Timbuk?

timbuk 12-09-2007 12:04 AM

Re: british columbia conversion registration

Originally Posted by swinada
and how much are you paying Timbuk?

hi swinada i have not insured the bus yet i will be doing so around march i will let you know the cost and what extent the coverage will be i will insure for 6 months i think it is a 1965 model so we will see......

amnesia 07-17-2017 07:36 PM

will be in BC later this year
I am just starting to figure out registering the Bus As an Rv Here in Illinois, but then plan to move to BC where I figure I will have to do everything again. So current tips for registering and insuring a converted bus would be appreciated.

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