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enoved 07-27-2018 03:45 PM

Bus for Sale
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Hello to everyone,

I'm looking to sale my bus so hopefully I'm in the right place. I have a 2001 International bus with a 3800 T444E diesel engine that's in great condition. The mileage is approximately 182K and is the original mileage.

I built the bus about 3 years ago out of pure boredom but fail to find the time to enjoy the bus. The bus is Maryland inspected with 6 brand new tires (3 years old w/ low mileage). It is equipped with a bathroom (sink/toilet) with clear (38 gal), grey (25 gal) and black (40 gal) tanks. The interior of the bus runs off a Cummins Onan 5.5 HGJAB-1038 gasoline generator. The interior includes a mid size refrigerator, microwave (never used), (2) 15,000 BTU Brisk II w/ heating core air conditioners, 12 volt outlets, USB outlets, flat screen TV, electric fireplace, forward and rear (interior) cameras, 4 speakers, 2 sub woofers, DVD/CD player, AM/FM stereo, wall sconces and a little more. I'm thinking with the bulk of the work completed it'll be easy for someone to change the interior to their likes and needs.

If anyone is remotely interested in the bus I'd love to hear from you. I have a lot more pictures and some videos to share of the building. I apologize in advance if I'm violating site rules by posting this. Just trying to get a good bus in good hands. My contact email is

PNW_Steve 07-27-2018 04:16 PM

For sale ads are allowed but would be better placed in the Classifieds section.

Can you tell us what transmission is in this bus?

What is your asking price?


o1marc 07-27-2018 04:45 PM

Have the ceiling and walls been insulated? Was the floor treated for rust?

PNW_Steve 07-27-2018 04:50 PM


Originally Posted by o1marc (Post 282921)
Have the ceiling and walls been insulated? Was the floor treated for rust?

Doesn't look to me like he pulled the ceiling panels. I am guessing that there is no additional insulation in the ceiling.

It is a nice looking bus.

BlackJohn 07-27-2018 05:12 PM

I sure wouldn't want to be the one pulling that dump valve on the black tank. Poor location and design.

Otherwise not bad looking work. At what cost? Lots of hours there invested but has a limit. No indication of price, have to question wht.


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