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lkrasner 08-06-2018 01:21 PM

MI Insurance with RV title
Alright, I just bought a bus, and I've been in Google hell trying to find a way to get the stupid thing insured, so hopefully someone can help me out a little. The bus is a 1994 Ford E350 Cutaway Van E350 Body type RV on the title, so that seems like a good start. It was previously insured commercially by a kayak trip company, and has some of the seats removed (turned into benches in the back, with 2 facing seats and tables up front) It is currently titled in Indiana, I will be registering it in MI. I figure registration shouldn't be a problem with how the title is and the fact that MI has no inspections, but insurance is an issue... Does anyone have any guidance for where to look? I know it will not be cheap, I am 21 with 2 tickets on my record...

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