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Lucky7 09-07-2018 07:04 PM

Just starting the conversion, please confirm my ideas
Hey guys

so I'm just starting my buildand right now the biggest thing I'm kind of worried about or not too sure about is how to do my electrical.

here is in theory but I would like to do please let me know your thoughts and if it's feasible,

My plan would be to do a battery Bank of 6 volt batteries * 4.

Then use my inverter to create 110 volt system.

except for some lights and USB ports the only thing that would be running when I'm driving would be my refrigerators.

so then I was planning on connecting my bus battery on my battery bank so that my alternator can charge my batteries during travel.

Once I'm stopped and just camping then I'll be using my generator or plug-in electrical service.

we are not using the bus as a home for now it's really more as an RV. therefore for now solar panel are not really required and then, one day, if we ever move in the RV full time, I would go solar as I would like to be able to function of grid.

so it does it make sense that I connect my battery Bank to my bus battery so that it gets charged by the alternator and then from my battery bank I run an inverter to create my 110 system.

If not guide me.. but no point to mention solar panels, and it's not in plan nor necessary

Thanks group!

But I'm not there yet

ThunderstruckStudios 09-19-2018 01:27 AM

The "can I charge my batteries from the alternator" topic has been covered a lot on here. The short answer is, yes, you can, but you'll likely end up with a dead bus battery and a greatly reduced life of your house battery bank.

Deep cycle batteries (your house battery bank) and vehicle starter batteries are two different animals. If you need to recharge your batteries off-grid, I'd recommend:
generator + shore charger
solar system

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