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BridgetA 11-25-2018 12:31 PM

Thinking about purchasing this bus.
Okay. I've only been looking at anything that has to do with buses, for about a month. Is that long enough? Is that acceptable? Ha. Anyways! I'm hopefully going to go get this bus, in 2 weeks. Its the only bus I've found, that has the engine/transmission combination that I want.
It has some rust, it's in South Dakota, but I don't think I'm necessarily scared of any rust, anymore, thanks to this group and many others.
The engine is in the back.
The only thing thay scares me about it is it has air brakes.
I've never heard of air brakes, before. (I'm learning literally Every thing from scratch)
I've looked up air braked posts, here.
A story has scared me! Can they really just stop working, without any warning?
From that story, and other posts, I've learned to always drain the air lines. Not sure if that's the proper term, yet. But, I'll learn how to do that.
I just need to learn more about air brakes, to be okay with having them. I've just seen a lot of people expressing their dislike for them. Makes me uneasy. Like, would it be worth it to just keep waiting? Until I do find the right bus with th brakes that I want?
The guy doesn't have the maintenance history... I've heard people say to not even trust maintence history.
I plan on changing everything, anyway. I hear that's always good to do, regardless.
Like oils, filters, etc.

He said I'll need to give it an oil change and new fuel filters, for sure.
He said, "tires are good"
No one ever seems to know how old their tires are.
He said the worst of the rust is underneath the bus. I'll post a couple more photos in comments.

We plan on living in this bus, full-time, moving around the country. Don't know how long, yet. At least a year.

Anyway! Is this a good deal, for this bus?
Opinion? Please? And thank you!
I'm so excited!
And please, correct me if I'm wrong, with anything that I've said!

PNW_Steve 11-26-2018 10:59 AM


From the ad, thats a good looking bus.

Great drive train.

If it checks out mechanically and does not have rust problems I woud jump on it.

TJones 11-26-2018 11:12 AM

It has good drivetrain specs and is reasonably priced. Test drive it and if there is any question as to the mechanical condition see if the seller will let you take it to a shop and get it inspected.


Johnny Mullet 11-26-2018 11:14 AM

That is a good price for a rear engine bus. A bus that size will need air brakes to stop it. Don't be afraid of air brakes. They have been around for many, many years.

cadillackid 11-26-2018 11:19 AM

+1 on always changing fuel filters, trans filter, oil, and such

air brakes - I have 2 busses with air brakes and one with hydraulics.. the reality is air brakes tend to be the preferred for heavy duty vehicles..

1. spring backup - if your air lines would happen to blow.. the rear brakes have automatic spring brakes which will apply and stop you..

2. small air leaks dont result in brake failure.. in fact CDL rules have allowance for very small leaks being acceptable.. its air.. a fluid leak in hydraulics will cause issues.. even a tiny one..

3. an air brake system in a northern bus almost certainly has a heated air dryer in it.. this removes moisture / oils, etc from the compressed air and helps only clean air make it to the brake systems.. ive driven my DEV bus in 0f temperatures and the brakes had no issues.. if it doesnt have a dryer.. one can be fitted pretty straight forward...

I know some beg to differ.. but I dont worry about tire age.. I do take concern of actual dry-rotting or stress cracks beginning on the sidewalls of tires.. some say age is important, however in my opinion if the rubber is in good shape, age isnt a factor.. ive seen 5 year old tires that sat in the sun constantly. getting weather cracked.. and ive seen 15 year old tires where the owner kept them covered while parked. still look great..


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