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bapos 01-25-2019 09:53 PM

Intermittent operation of ammeter on gauge cluster
Hey homies.....

Its been a while since I have posted here but I am back now with a new bus and need a little help with trying to zero down on my issue.

I bought this bus a year ago and the issue has been there since I bought it from the school district. The bus is a 2001 International AMTRAN RE with a DT466e and a MD3060.

All of the gauge cluster works with no issues other than the ammeter. It will go full peg 150 + and full peg 150 minus then all the sudden go to mid gauge and sit there. Nothing causes these shifts..... like bumps in the road..... etc.

I am not sure if that is like other international gauge clusters than its built in and maybe have to send it in?

any insight would be appreciated. This is not a must have fix. If I can not get it fixed I will just put in an external ammeter and shunt to get a read on what the system is doing.

The ammeter is on the right hand side and is the bottom one in the three in a row from top to bottom.

Ciscokid 01-25-2019 10:08 PM

I have almost same bus as you. My gauges work for about five minutes then they go out for five minutes. I spoke with a used bus parts guy and this is one of the biggest issues he sees with these buses. The gauge cluster goes bad and you have to replace the whole thing at a very steep price. If you decide to go this route you might give this guy a call see what he has to offer used.

8111 Waterloo road Atwater, OHIO 1-330-472-8204 lots of IC parts and old buses. Wendal is his name Great guy's very good prices with a massive graveyard of busses.

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