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reprobate 02-18-2008 09:23 PM

Re: Inverter, stereo equipment
We don't have an actual store here, but I looked online and costco has 1500watt mod. sine wave inverters for $90. Not bad, I think.

Roasting8 03-03-2008 04:16 PM

Re: Inverter, stereo equipment

Originally Posted by Buster
Allow me to apologize sir, I guess I am refering to some high end stuff, where I work We exclusivly use Eaton Powerware they are top shelf. They are used by norad and the pentagon etc. They also build a modified sine wave by pulse timing, but it is a damned fine one. I was trying to help out earlier, but I really don't know that much about the smaller units. I don't have any smaller than 500kva at work. I hope that I didn't muddy the water too bad.

Dave, I also need to apologize. I think the way I wrote the message, could have gotten interpreted wrong. I think I wrote the message more out of envy and curiosity, than out of malice.

Like I said in the message; I haven't looked at the wave form of a UPS in a while, and with technology being the way it is, they could have brought the cost of a high end UPS, that anyone could afford it.

So, let me apologize for the poor posting and I hope you didn't take offense.


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