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sportyrick 03-30-2019 11:01 PM

BlueBird steering gearbox
The Ross Cam and Lever steering gearbox in my 1976 BlueBird is leaking again. I spent $500 having it rebuilt about 9 years ago and it's puddling on the ground so it's time to go. I would also like a newer design gearbox as this one seems to be a poor design, so much wondering, I've hated it since I bought the bus 14 years ago, it absolutely will not go straight down the road no matter how much suspension work I do. :banghead: I would prefer a BB box but would consider another manufacturer if it mounts the same (my chassis is GM). Also it probably will have to be a flat nose bus, I don't think a dog nose would work but prove me wrong. My gearbox is almost straight up and down with the lines at the top and as my GVW is 32,000 it has to be a heavy duty box. I can grab some pics tomorrow if need be.

cadillackid 03-31-2019 07:47 AM

many of the GM and navistar chassis used TRW boxes. parts are everywhere for those.. they are standard pittman arm type boxes and copme on all different ratios.. I notice the one on my red bus is a much nicer ratio (more turns lock to lock) than the one on my DEV bus. there are literally though hundreds of part numbers for those..

something from an AmTran FE might be a TRW with the right angles and such..

I will be doing some steering box research myself soon for my Superior which is a 1978. and has VERY LOOSE steering and its coming from the box..


sportyrick 03-31-2019 01:27 PM

Opps my GVW is 30,500 not 32,000, 12 up front and 18,500 rear.

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