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Dèsirée 06-08-2019 06:15 PM


Originally Posted by NoRushBus (Post 330022)
Any chance of taking a "screen capture" of the button showing "start new thread". I'm just not seeing it anywhere. I click on the word FORUM then pick a topic for the long list (not sure if that's a directory or not) but there is absolutely no button to start new topics. I'm baffled why this should be so difficult and not in plain site. For what it's worth I'm quite literate when it comes to PC's , Chromebooks, etc.

Thanks again in advance.

The very same thing happened when I first joined. I have an IPhone, so I thought it was an cell phone issue. I looked everywhere. Went to the help section and everything they said to do, was not showing up. So again, all I could do was post from the newbie intro section... and yes, some did say, it was “ironic” I could not post, but there I was posting. Can you imagine me trying to explain the fact, I was not hallucinating.

There’s no new thread tab when you first join. I guess they want to keep you in confinement to see if you’re not a robot, or worst... a skoolie spy. Anyway by now, it should have magically appeared on top of the site, the now infamous, “NEW Thread” posting tab. Actually it’s, all over.

And hey! Don’t rush to a victorious posting so soon. This site is not as easy as you may think.... however, the actual human beings behind the posting are truly, truly, phenomenal... and you can thank the skoolie Gods for that!!

Dèsirée 06-08-2019 06:22 PM


Originally Posted by brokedown (Post 330030)
I wonder if the problem is the accent character in your username. The version of the forum software being used is horribly out of date and I would not be surprised if its barfing on that funny e. Reminds me of little Bobby Tables.

Accented words should not present such issues... like, telling me to keep logging in when I can see my name on the bottom as being logged in. Or cutting me off after I finish typing and telling me, i’m Not logged in.

It’s like you said, an outdated system and with IOS, forget about it. But to be fair, I do enjoy the clean interface, very easy on the eye. Maybe that’s what it is an older HTML Version with a bumped up to accommodate all their little icons.

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