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Joe45 06-29-2019 08:12 PM

Bus height/upstairs bedroom
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Still seriously considering the upstairs bedroom using using different styles.

I want a hard-sided system because of security and durability, plus insulation from weather and temperatures.

Although being able to stand would be great, it can also be just as nice with just being able to sit up in bed when unfolded.

I'm bringing this up mainly because of the increased height it would bring. My bus is 10 feet tall right now, so whatever I make has to be maximum 3 feet when folded.

I will have a rooftop deck and solar panels too.

1. A-Liner: Cannibalizing existing one, or making my own version.

Attachment 35120

  • Folds pretty flat
  • Unfolds to allow standing
  • Good visibility
  • Door to access rooftop deck/solar panels
  • Unless stationary, folding/unfolding bedroom is necessary. Imagining doing it in heavy rain/snow/cold.
  • Setting up panels/walls require manually doing so, and exposure to weather, albeit for a short few moments.
2. Square version of A-Liner: Cannibalizing existing one, or making my own version.
  • Same as above + roof can rise/retract via actuators.
  • Same as above
3. Basically a larger box over a smaller box with actuators to lift/retract.

Attachment 35121

  • Roof can retract/rise on actuators.
  • No exposure to environment when extending/retracting.
  • No extra work manually folding/unfolding and locking panels.
  • No stand up room.
  • Not as easy access to deck via bedroom.

I'm figuring that a 30" retracted height would allow a good 1 foot clearance while allowing about 4-5 foot head clearance, which is pretty good.

Any ideas, observations appreciated!

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