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jee.string 01-13-2020 06:40 PM

Buying an unfinished skoolie
Im wondering if there is somewhat of a market for an unfinished skoolie / RV.

Would you buy something thats just been started?

Do you know a lot of stories of people who did?

I bought a 34' 1992 RV and started rebuilding it. It is now completely stripped inside and i have 85% of the components (which 75% of that 85 is brand new) to rebuild it.The vehicle side is close to impeccable. The guy who i bought it from had 3 franchised garages and took care of it for cheap. It has 2 complete sets of brand new tires. New brakes, new suspension, 68k miles. It is a 454 gasoline V8 chevy engine.

From what you know, and from remebering when you were looking to buy... would this be something interesting to you?

Im recently separated and plans might change. Im really wondering if i should finish it or try to sell it right away as is with all the appliances with it but uninstalled?

What is your opinion!?!?

Many gracias!

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