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stlthe 01-25-2020 06:13 PM

new insulated floor/doghouse transition

im ripping up the 3/4" plywood floor and planning to put down maybe 1" rigid foam then 3/4" plywood.

has anyone done this on a FE bus? how did you deal with the doghouse? Is the foam heat-rated to go right to the exposed edge under the doghouse? id like to run the foam under all the plywood, including under the doghouse mounting perimeter (where the wood needs replacing and metal needs patching anyway).

btw, my drivers seat appears to me mounted directly on metal, with no wood in between, and it is raised maybe 1.5 inch. i'll likely leave it as is and try to match the floor height with it as a guide... of course the doghouse would be rasied too, though i could run the foam to the EDGE of the doghouse and wood underneath, as it currently is.

any/all advice appreciated


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