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musigenesis 02-13-2020 04:59 PM

ABS module lights
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My ABS light has been on on my dashboard since the fabricator I hired cut open my floor and welded in beams. Today I went back and used a magnet to reset the module. When it resets, all the lights come on for a few seconds, then it switches to only having the green light on (barely visible in these pics but it is on), and then these three red lights come on.

Attachment 41594

Attachment 41595

The green light is labeled VLT (I assume "voltage") and the three red lights are labeled SEN, LFT and RER. Does anybody know what fault these are indicating, and where to look for the problem? I assume SEN means "sensor" or "sender" and LFT means "left", but I'm not sure what RER means.

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