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Maggie01 05-30-2020 12:16 PM

Vin # ?
When we got our bus, we were shown where the VIN # had been stuck on the metal just above the driver's head and was told not to touch it as the VIN # had to stay there where it could be seen by anyone inspecting the bus.

I've seen where people have removed that whole metal piece across the front of the bus and built a cabinet or cubby holes up there. I would at least like to cover it with wood to make it look better, but if I can't remove the area where the VIN # is applied, what are my options?

I was thinking about just cutting out the metal area that the VIN # is attached to and then mounting it back up there after I finished putting a cabinet or cubby holes up there, but I spoke to a cop I know. He wasn't sure but said he didn't think that would work, because I could have gotten that VIN # off another bus and just stuck it up there. He felt like I should leave that VIN # attached to it's original point of attachment, but I want to dress that area above the windshield up.

Danjo 05-30-2020 12:40 PM

Make a little hinged door to cover it

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