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Kaleth2 06-07-2020 01:10 PM

FS65 25 ft bus heater question
Were starting to get to the nitty gritty of figuring out what kind of heating we want. We had to take out the front right passenger heater in order to remove the last piece of plywood flooring In order to treat for rust. We have already shortened the coolant lines from the back heater so the driver side heater is still functioning. Were curious what the function of the passenger side heater is? Does it take care of defrost? We dont plan on full time living. Well be using this more like a camper and if we do long trips, well be chasing that 75 degree sweet zone. Maybe one big loop around the country or so, but, mostly hanging in the western US. This will be our retirement vehicle to go hang out at festivals, by the rivers and oceans. Weve been reading on voraciously and watching lots of YouTube. Weve seen that some buses remove that front right heater to use that area for walk on storage for coats, shoes, etc... However, we want to be comfortable if were driving at night or in the mountains and its cold.
With a short bus, well be limited by area on solar panels. Wed like to run a mini split while camping. Ive been reading that they dont do well while driving, and, to run on solar, looks like we would need 8 panels. Were concerned that if we use a generator to run one while boondocking, all well here is the generator! I hate going into an RV area and being surrounded by generators humming away. No sound of water, wildlife, and wind. Are there quite generators that are efficient so we could carry enough fuel for 2 to 3 weeks out? Are there better solar panels that will run a mini split without using all our roof space for panels? I had hoped for a 4x4 rooftop deck. I hope not to many questions in one post!
Thank you for any input!

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