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SanctuarytheBus 06-24-2020 02:58 PM

Hiring help to finish build
Hi everyone, I'm Mia. So excited to be joining this awesome community!

We have a 2001 Thomas 32ft bus that we've put wood panelling in, painted, and started building a little bit. But I think we might need some help in making the build go faster...
Little back story: we came to the US in March from Sweden with our two young children, picked up a started conversion in NM and drove it to WA...where we got stuck living in my in-laws' basement because of Covid. Long story short I'm ready to gtfo and get on the road but my husband's not putting the time into the build.

I personally don't have the time currently to learn all about how to build a bus (and build it)...(full-time mom of our two plus trying to start two businesses of my own) but feel like I'm going a bit crazy in our current living situation and decided to reach out for help. I don't necessarily want it completed, just a bit of help getting it livable to we can leave. Kitchen working, solar installed, comfortable sleeping. We have our layout planned (that alone took us a good month and a half). I've looked a bit on Craigslist but I'm not sure what type of person I'm looking for. Carpenter, builder, handyman? How much is reasonable to pay for this type of work? Sorry if these are dumb questions and, like I said I'm getting a bit desperate. I'd be so grateful for any advice!
We're in Longivew, WA, about an hour north of Portland, OR.

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