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davisdesigns 07-25-2020 04:18 PM

1998 BLUE BIRD 38' 8.3L Cummins Allison B300r transmission
about 80-85% finished. located at 95928 Asking $30k for all, tools supplies etc.

Need to sell ASAP, or find a place to store and work on it. Lost the place to store it and my job of over 10 years also looking for work 3D design, metal fab, electrical pretty much anything mechanical/ electrical I can make or repair. Have "chronic Lyme disease" for about 12 years now but recovering slowly w/ new treatment and natural analgesics. This has put an immense amount of unnecessary stress on me. I have put every bit of savings I had into this and medical and worked every weekend and many weekdays for the last 3-4 years. I’m a month away from being homeless which is pretty much a long painful death sentence having chronic illness.
State medical assistance doesn’t cover anything unless one has positive Lyme markers for their 30% accurate test here on the west coast.

I built everything from scratch including many tools to make things for the bus, die’s, bead rollers etc.

I have pretty much everything needed to finish including the kitchen sink, minus some sheet metal and plywood hardware. All in the photos is included, all the solid bamboo flooring of two types, western red cedar for the closet, bathroom, Diesel generator w/2 hours on it, 23 solar panels and aluminum for the frames to go up top, all the tools needed saws, TIG and MIG welders etc.

It has 2 custom stainless steel freshwater tanks 100 gal each, a 200? Gal graywater tank. I have a 3D CAD model and terabytes of video and pictures of how everything was built for reference I don’t have the internet data to send you or upload video so don’t ask also don’t ask if you have no interest in buying it, I don’t have the time or energy to help you now, but that was my intent upon finishing it to help others that lack the skills or tools.

Just too much to list so ask specific questions.

Some things in the photos are temporary like steps and shelving in the “bathroom” area so ignore the craftsmanship on things like that it was just thrown together.

More images linked here,

1998 BLUE BIRD 38' 8.3L Cummins Allison B300r transmission

*GVWR is 36000 current weight is 19400 that leaves a lot additional
weight you can put on
*Currently registered and non-op'ed
*Partially converted to motorcoach, most of the difficult tasks..
*Roof raised 16 in. the goal was to stay under 12 feet with a roof deck.
Roof deck mounts securely installed and sealed to the Hat Channel "ribs"
This is not a school bus so the arch on the ceiling is much flattered so you have more Headroom towards the sides of the bus. The 16in roof raise has head clearance for me to stand up straight with my arm and finger fully extended and just barely touch the roof, I'm 5'-10".

Also the roof was raised done at the floor so the windows aren't at crotch height when standing, Which is what happens when most people do a roof raise they cut at the windows and lift the roof. You're able to see out of the window sitting or standing. I also cut off the front cap and windshield and raise that up I believe 12 in this increases privacy, head clearance any better View.

One very unique thing you will never find on a rear Diesel Pusher is a back door. A custom-built a raised, insulated rear deck over the motor that that has hatches to access the top of 8.3L. I can stand up straight with a few inches of head clearance directly above the motor. This was built for a garage area but would probably be better utilized for someone else as a bedroom.

Floating insulated subfloor, by floating I mean that no wood is actually contact the sheet metal there is an approximate quarter inch air gap between the subfloor and the OEM sheet metal floor. Insulated with 2 in. ISO foam board foil backed both sides all glued screwed and tattooed.. This dose several things 1. adds R value 2. if any moisture where to get between the subfloor and sheet metal it will evaporate and not rot the metal and wood. The underside of the sub floor was painted as well, no mold or rot.. Not a half-ass build.

Floating insulated ceiling buy floating I mean it is only connected at the Hat Channel "ribs" insulated with 2 in. ISO foam board foil backed both sides with an approximate half inch Gap between the tongue and groove 'solid' 5/8 bamboo vertical grain. none of that cheap composite with 1/8 in laminate garbage, all solid. Glued and finish nailed 16ga.

Walls have been completely gutted as well as the ceiling all nasty old insulation torn out and replaced with 2 in.ISO foam board foil backed.
The walls have been fully framed out with welded steel hangers for the two by four studs they are in set to increase interior size. Currently partially covered with tongue and groove solid bamboo horizontal grain.

All new 18ga. sheet metal on the sides, sealed with butyl rubber and riveted every 3-1/2 in. with steel 3/16" Q-rivets 100% mandrel retention i.e. no leaky hole. 'quality rivets made in the US' All rivets were dipped in butyl rubber prior to installation for additional sealant.

Paint/ primer first primer 2 coats epoxy based with a seal primer of Rust-Oleum professional iron oxide and painted with Rust-Oleum professional oil based paint that I custom mixed. I have the ratio and colors used and about a gallon of leftover. The paint job isn't the best by far, unfortunately I had no choice but to paint it at night time with very poor lighting so every backstroke has orange peel it has two coats of paint so if you wanted to wet sand orange peel out you could.

The bus comes with a diesel generator that has 2 hours on it (HDI700BD Electronically controlled direct injection diesel generator, 10HP w/auto idle control, AVR, Auto Start, and low oil shutdown. 120/240v 30/40 AMP $6,960.00 Retail) More than enough bamboo flooring both vertical and horizontal grain to finish everything, floor cabinets etc. (3) or (4) rolls of bamboo matting for cabinets doors or cabinets its carburized (dark) about (24) packets of Aromatic western red cedar tongue and groove $26 per box, I was planning on using for the bathroom area and walk-in closet. A diesel fired water heater OEM. (23) 130 Watt solar panels used but tested that we're going to be mounted above the roof deck to tilt out. (22) will fit on the roof, A brand new solar charge controller Morningstar TriStar 60 Amp MPPT and remote $700, connectors etc. Hardware, adhesive, sealants pneumatic tools, table saw, miter saw, bandsaw, radial arm saw, another table saw, a humongous stainless steel sink brand new about $300. Metal tubing, sheet metal pieces, etc. Some power tools, sheet metal tools.. Pretty much everything you'll need to finish it minus a MIG welder if you chose to finish it by welding the lower cargo together as well as bumpers etc.

Stuff that needs to be finished;
*Interior minus roof subfloor
*Front and back bumpers or use the original ones.
*5 lower cargo Bays
*Hinges for back door and furnace door
*Roof deck access
*Roof deck
*Solar panel brackets
*Batteries and tray, I was going to run a 48 volt system..
*Composting system or Blackwater if you want to go that route.
There is a 200? gallon grey water tank installed.

davisdesigns 07-25-2020 04:23 PM

images, how do you get them to show? I used the picture icon at the top.

links below to the ones i tried posting above

davisdesigns 07-26-2020 11:54 AM

davisdesigns 07-28-2020 07:34 PM


davisdesigns 07-28-2020 07:35 PM



davisdesigns 07-29-2020 12:26 PM

Anyone confirm this guy isn't a scammer

Jsneeb 07-29-2020 03:06 PM

I've never seen Kristopher guy around here. So I can't comment.

Amazing rig though. The quality of your work shows. If I know anyone interested I will forward.

davisdesigns 07-29-2020 05:27 PM

Thank you and thank you It was going to have granite counter tops and all stainless steel kitchen.

I made this bead roller last month to do the stainless, one of many tools i had to make not being able to buy them, the tools i did buy were all used and $200 or under.

The bender has a Parking brake from a UPS truck, garage door opener and bicycle parts
and some scraps from the bus, cost me $10 to make

davisdesigns 07-29-2020 05:30 PM

Please post below the bus to make it public accept for stuff like addresses.
As of August 31st I will not have a place for it to be stored or worked on. I will have to abandon it and everything, everything I have saved for the last 10 years working at the place and all the work I put in to it for 4 years whilst battling chronic Lyme.
If you want to rent a building or house with garage/ shop for it, I will do more work on it for $25 an hour and pay a portion of rent if house.
Iím currently making it street legal so it can be moved off the lot. It is on none op with no back fees.

If you are not trying to scam me then come get it. Its in Chico CA. Like I said the transfer will be made at a bank and the pink slip will be signed over to the purchaser immediately after.

Kristopher 07-29-2020 05:46 PM

Im sorry to hear about your bad run of luck but I do want to take it of your hands and I hope that gets you going again.

Is the owner of your current workshop open to extending your lease? If not I will try and locate some other place nearby.

How many man hours or weeks to complete the front and rear sheet metal and the storage boxes in your opinion?

To clarify, you said, 'It is on none op with no back fees' Do you mean the bus is non operational at the moment? What needs to be done to get it street legal?

davisdesigns 07-29-2020 07:01 PM


Originally Posted by Kristopher (Post 398412)
Im sorry to hear about your bad run of luck but I do want to take it of your hands and I hope that gets you going again.

Is the owner of your current workshop open to extending your lease? If not I will try and locate some other place nearby.

How many man hours or weeks to complete the front and rear sheet metal and the storage boxes in your opinion?

To clarify, you said, 'It is on none op with no back fees' Do you mean the bus is non operational at the moment? What needs to be done to get it street legal?

Oh man my whole life has been sickness or tragedy, stress. This will be the second time since I got Lyme I have lost everything, the first was at the beginning 12 years ago and I’ve been in and out of the hospital most my life severe Asthma, spinal meningitis, septicemia almost died from those. I just want to help people fix or make things for free or trade, live somewhere tropical near the ocean or on a boat, snorkel all day spear or fish for my dinner. That’s all I want I don’t need stuff other than my dive mask and some fins. I don’t need a fancy car or house, been riding a motorcycle for about 10 years now 365 rain sleet and even snow. Its not that bad as long as you are warm and dry.

The owner of the shop is who let me go after making his business profitable. Since I started working for him he as load against the profits and gained about $20M in commercial and residential structures. Giving the business to his useless kids that have never worked a day in their lives, the youngest is so useless 25 he never got a drivers license and still having mommy drive him to the business every day. Been living on these peoples scraps for a decade one kid waists business money more than I make in a year. The owner was so greedy he never even paid into unemployment for me truly screwing me.

I’m one month away from being homeless and can’t even live in the bus I have been building just for that reason to never have to stress about being homeless, the biggest stress I have always had.

So to answer your question no I can’t use the shop, it was part of my pay or lack thereof from this greedy money grubbing dirt bag.

If you can some how prove your are serious I will find a building or something for you to rent, there are lots of empty shops around.

I have no idea how long it will take to make that stuff and its completely dependent on the tools at hand. Big tools like sheet metal benders lathe and mill would be ideal but I will no longer have access to. I can have the parts LASER cut and bent which costs more for labor but the cutting is reasonable. That’s up to you if you want to flip the bill, would make my job much easier than hand cutting everything.

None op means the DMV can’t charge tax on it for sitting on privet property. The transfer fee was paid. After making it livable, sink, toilet, bed etc. The DMV will inspect it and reg. it as an RV and not commercial.

The bus has been driven nearly every day of the last 4 years in and out of the shop, I wasn’t allowed to keep it in the shop and he didn’t even want it in there. So yes it drives, and when I bought it I drove it from Nevada which was several hundred miles and the only issue I had was a fuel line broke but was able to temporary fix it, just a split in the return line. Man that was a smoky mess driving down the road ‘smoke screen’ for miles until I noticed I couldn’t see out the back window.. lol Talk about stressful trip going from riding a motorcycle to driving a 38’ bus.

street legal; I need to wire up some temporary lights which I have already started on in hopes something works out, put the stock bumper back on, put the old seat in and seatbelt all temporary because I wasn’t planning on using this stuff. Pretty much everything I do is custom, no Ikea stuff, solid metal, wood or bamboo, low VOC stuff as much as possible didn’t want a toxic moldy environment I have enough health issues.

davisdesigns 07-31-2020 01:09 PM

I'm asking $30k or best offer so start making offers my time is running out quickly

davisdesigns 07-31-2020 01:36 PM

To make it clear Iím asking $30k or best offer, I have about $10k invested in the bus and about $10k in supplies that were gathered over the years, plus 4 years of work in it.

An option that has been pointed out to me several times is if someone buys it and wants to hire me to finish it for an hourly rate, Iíd be interested. However you have to supply the area to work on it and a place for the supplies.

Willie_McCoy 07-31-2020 01:47 PM

Saw this up on the r/skoolies sub on reddit this week. Real crappy set of circumstances for this guy and I feel bad. Looks like some real skill and real money has gone into this bus and I hope it finds a place to live in the next 30 days.

Good Luck

Placeholder Bus Name 07-31-2020 02:15 PM

Very sorry to hear about your situation. This is a beautiful build and your attention to detail is great. GLWS!

TJones 08-02-2020 09:44 AM

Sorry about the health problems. Nice bus with quality work. Looks like it is the same model as mine and you ended up painting it about the same color.


davisdesigns 08-02-2020 10:55 AM

Is your bus one of the Mammoth mountain ski park buses? I remember someone here having the other that was sold at the same auction.

It appears that Kristopher is a legitimate buyer for the bus and has intent to employ me to finish the metal work and cover the shop rental. That is if all goes well the logistics of an overseas buyer is not an easy hurdle to jump.

Real hope this workís out, it will save me from losing everything. Itís funny my Land cruiser that I lost when I first got sick about 12 years ago was shipped to Hawaii, my vehicleís seem to like boat rides..

Thanks everyone for you kind comments.

MNbusboy 08-02-2020 12:18 PM

I'm sorry to hear about your circumstances, and hope the sale of your beautiful bus works out. What are your plans after the sale? I feel like a person with your skills could make Skoolie flipping into a viable living. You could look for areas that have several decent buses for sale or at auction. Buy, strip, and prep them for conversion. Offer them for sale as a blank starting point, or with the option to have you build them out. There are a lot of aspiring first time Skooliers that are intimidated by those first steps. There are companies that currently do this, but they are aiming at the $50k+ designer bus crowd. If you have lower overhead and could offer a similar product without the massive markup, you could probably find enough of a market to get yourself back on your feet.

davisdesigns 08-02-2020 03:22 PM

IF a big IF its sells, we are having issue both being secure in the transaction and it didn’t help I had registered it on the coast in my mom’s name like the rest of my vehicle’s ‘smog and taxes’ Pink in had and signed over though..
Part of my intent was after it was finished I would have a traveling shop, 10” lathe and mill to do anything. Traveling to people doing conversions having them set me up with a place to park during and assist in their conversion at a reasonable rate they could afford since I would have no overhead, honestly a roof over my head and food I’d do it for free. I like helping people that really need help and can't afford to pay a “professional”
Do that for a while and take time off between to travel to Central America “the goal” and visit places like Costa Rica, Belize, Panama etc. and find a place to move to, probably sell the bus and not drive it down although that would be interesting but if something went wrong I’d lose everything just like what is happening now…
As for opening a shop and doing conversions, I should have been on disability for the last 12 years from the chronic pain and fatigue. Using a strong natural analgesic Kratom is the only way I have been able to get the bus to the point it is now. I have been slowly getting better trying various treatments over the years with zero help for Dr’s/ quacks. They don’t recognize Lyme as a real disease on the west coast. So I have had no choice to work through the pain or be on the streets. I was so bad off about 7 years ago that I was equivalent to a 90 year old man with Alzheimer’s, I couldn’t remember three digits written on paper in front of me to transfer to the keyboard. I had to do one number at a time. Was down to 140lbs sever food intolerances.
My health was improving and a little less stress then this happened and I’m already seeing a decline, just losing everything all over again like 12 years ago when the autoimmune issues started.
I’m just not in a health enough place to have any overhead and work for myself, living on kratom is just a band-aid getting my by 3 hours at a dose. I’m far from lazy or looking for a free hand out, I just can’t do a lot of work especially if it involves standing.

davisdesigns 08-05-2020 12:35 PM

Dropping the price to $20k essentially that means I would break even and lose 4 years of nearly every day / weekends of work I put in to it, all for free. Not like the $10k even covered the amount of hours I have in it anyways. Could have just enjoyed life instead. IT needs to go ASAP this situation is causing me so much stress its making me sicker than I already am.

I have been putting temporary lights, bumpers etc. on it to make it street legal just kills me every day to have to go and even look at it.

Jsneeb 08-05-2020 01:46 PM

I understand where you are coming from with the stress of a project that you need to sell or abandon.

I bought my bus in much the same circumstances, from a gal in a similar ( health crisis ) situation. I didn't lowball her or try to get a steal on the bus, but paid for what I though it was worth.

What you're selling is SO MUCH MORE than what I bought at a similar price. I wish I had the commitment to buy it from you today and fly out to pick it up.
I'm happy with what I have, but I do see so much potential starting over with your rig.

Would you consider a trade of sorts?
I have a ready to live in bus, and could trade.
That way you have somewhere to live, and something you can travel in?
Just an option to consider.

davisdesigns 08-05-2020 03:14 PM

Thank you for the kind words. Trading isn't really an option an option at this point in time but tanks for the offer. I have seen many videos on you tube spending $50k on sub par builds due to lack of skills i guess and having the money to just by everything as they need it.

I have spent the last 4 years looking at Marketplace and Craigslist to get deals on everything such as the $6k generator with 2 hours for way less or the pallets of solid bamboo flooring for several hundred, 24 solar panels for something like $0.25 a watt the $350 kitchen sink that had a small scratch for less then half, etc.

Finely got the bus to a place where it was starting to get fun building stuff. I never even got to use my bead roller i made to do dash and kitchen work, vent hoods and trim. I spent a month just making that bead roller and dies. It just disgusts me how i can make a person so much money had have him turn around an crap on me

franchesca2bqq 08-05-2020 05:54 PM

So sorry for your situation Dave, I am a nurse and have cared for Lyme disease patients and yes, it destroys their lives. You live for the good days. Such a frightening disease cause anyone could get it.
My husband and I will be buying a bus next year and would love to contact you for a roof raise then. We are in SoCal/San Diego. How could I reach you in the future?

davisdesigns 08-05-2020 07:39 PM

As of the 31st if the bus doesn't sell or if i cant find some income, you'll have to look under bridges for me. I and sunk all my money I saved for 10 years into it and was living paycheck to paycheck for that last several years.

Bon Voyage 08-05-2020 10:35 PM

Have you posted it for sale anywhere else?

If itís suitable to live in you could drive it up to my place in Canada and finish the work while living in it. The winters are cold though. :)

BeNimble 08-05-2020 11:37 PM

Does it not drive? Can't you move it somewhere and live in it?
If you are here in Davis, the Yolo Causeway doesn't flood during the summer... lol ;)
Certainly somewhere you can park it around here.
Given you got the solar panels cheap, maybe sell them and get some cash to tide you over until you find some work.

And btw, I spend 12 months full time working and thousands of dollars on my $500 Midget when I lost my job. After unemployment ran out, another 6 months had me going broke, had to start selling stuff.

davisdesigns 08-06-2020 12:18 AM

Not finished enough to have inspected and registered as an RV, I don’t have a CDL and risk losing it when driven. It now has lights but no rear running lights as the LED set was 2 wire, didn’t plan on moving it at night anyways. Tomorrow I’ll try to get the OEM rear bumpers back on.. what a waste of time. Its in no way livable, I could get by in it if supplied power and water, use a bucket.. But life with chronic Lyme is difficult enough living in a house with income. I can’t eat most things due to food intolerances and histamine issues. Everything has to be frozen.. Been eating blended peas for the about 8 mo. now.. I have to sleep in a hammock due to Lyme arthritis.. People just don’t get how difficult life is with amenities, unless they have chronic Lyme, fatigue and pain. Plenty of FB groups and forums with similar story’s getting railroaded by quack Doc’s. Living in it in its current stat is not conducive to increasing ones health. Even at the end of this month unless I find a place to park it that doesn’t require current registration and will accept work or a small amount of money it’s all pretty pointless without income to live and put into it.

Bon Voyage 08-06-2020 12:32 AM

What does Rv storage cost per month in your area?

Dr.Foo2202 08-06-2020 01:53 AM

First off...I'm sorry for the situation you are in. You obviously poured a lot of yourself into this project. I know what its like to not want to let a project like this go.

Have you thought about selling some of the parts you have? Offload the generator for a few grand to get yourself some temporary housing and cheap RV storage for a couple months. Same with the solar panels, tools, other extras.

If the bus was derivable, I'd likely be PMing you with an offer. No lights and no plates means I wouldn't have a way of getting it to where I am.

davisdesigns 08-06-2020 02:12 AM

As per my last post… it as lights as of today, tomorrow it will have bumpers (stock one) and it has always had ‘plates’ no-op’ed but commercial due to not making a “livable” space yet for the DMV to sign off on. I built the foundation before building the house. To me it was the logical thing to do if you want I to last and not continually have to make repairs.

Bon Voyage 08-06-2020 02:37 AM

Well I’d help you out with some Rv storage if you’re interested. Till you’re back on your feet.

BeNimble 08-06-2020 01:03 PM

I've checked on bus storage here in Sacramento, and it is $75 to $150 a month.

TransFatty 08-07-2020 05:51 AM

All of this is making me slightly ill, because we're in the market for a Skoolie and this one looks to be so well done already. We're paring down in the house and have a spare room and a place to park it, even. But we are very far. Good luck, I love the way it looks.

Jsneeb 08-07-2020 10:00 AM

I saw the original interested buyer posted something about backing out of the sale and staring a GoFundMe instead for Jeremy to complete the build?

What happened to that post? I don't see it any more?
Kristopher, had you talked to Jeremy about setting up the donation? It is very generous of you to do so but I'm just wondering if it complicates things?

I had a motorcycle that I loved, rode across many states, modified and built to my exact needs, meticulously maintained, and then got into an accident with it. It was repairable but in a moment of stress and frustration all I wanted to do was get the thing of my shoulders and never ride a bike again. I sold it at a 5,500 loss, but at the time it was what I wanted to do.

Kristopher 08-07-2020 10:21 AM


Originally Posted by Jsneeb (Post 399712)
I saw the original interested buyer posted something about backing out of the sale and staring a GoFundMe instead for Jeremy to complete the build?

What happened to that post? I don't see it any more?
Kristopher, had you talked to Jeremy about setting up the donation? It is very generous of you to do so but I'm just wondering if it complicates things?

I had a motorcycle that I loved, rode across many states, modified and built to my exact needs, meticulously maintained, and then got into an accident with it. It was repairable but in a moment of stress and frustration all I wanted to do was get the thing of my shoulders and never ride a bike again. I sold it at a 5,500 loss, but at the time it was what I wanted to do.

Hi Jsneeb,

I did start a GofundMe to help davis designs. It was removed by the moderator I believe because I am new here. I requested that she put it back up. I also requested that she takeover the fundraiser to remove and doubt of my intentions. This is 100% for him.

He is in such a tight spot, the man is sick, his boss ruining his small chance at success. I thought this would be the best way to help him out. We were working out a sale but the clock was ticking down fast and I thought this would be a great way to help someone out. I was concerned we would not be able to get to a position where he could get his money and lose ABSOLUTLEY EVERYTHING!

I PM davis for his approval but I hope he will accept, the skoolie community will get behind him and he can finish his bus.

I was very excited about getting such an amazing rig but I will find another. I believe I am doing the right thing.

Please spread the word. I am sure the moderator will allow the fundraiser to go ahead. What is more representative of a community than a fundraiser for someone in a bind like this?

Kristopher 08-07-2020 10:29 AM


Originally Posted by Jsneeb (Post 399712)
I saw the original interested buyer posted something about backing out of the sale and staring a GoFundMe instead for Jeremy to complete the build?

What happened to that post? I don't see it any more?
Kristopher, had you talked to Jeremy about setting up the donation? It is very generous of you to do so but I'm just wondering if it complicates things?

I had a motorcycle that I loved, rode across many states, modified and built to my exact needs, meticulously maintained, and then got into an accident with it. It was repairable but in a moment of stress and frustration all I wanted to do was get the thing of my shoulders and never ride a bike again. I sold it at a 5,500 loss, but at the time it was what I wanted to do.


To respond quickly to the last part of your message. As you can see from Davisdesigns post, this is not just about the loss of his bus. He has lost his, job, health and about to be homeless. He is effectively locked out of the workshop and has almost no access to the bus.

Even if he walks away from the bus due to stress and desperation, the fundraiser will at least provide him with somewhere to live with dignity.

We have communicated a great deal in PM. This is a genuine crisis with few good options.

Jsneeb 08-07-2020 10:50 AM

Thanks Kristopher for the follow up.
Indeed you are doing a good thing.

I'll get behind the fundraiser with what I can contribute.
I'm sure other members of the skoolie community will feel the same way.

The challenge is though, that this is not a financially rich community. Many of us can donate time, supplies, or a place to stay, but not always money.

Best of luck to everyone.

Kristopher 08-07-2020 11:01 AM

I understand completely. If the moderator will get the message I wrote back up and get behind it and spread the message, at least on this forum. Poor Davisdesigns will be in with a chance.

A small donation multiplied out will make a big impact.

And who would not want to see the final product! See what he has done so far!

Janet H 08-07-2020 12:29 PM

Folks - this is a difficult situation but the gofundme link was removed to comply with the sites rules about fund raising solicitations. Unfortunately fund raising campaigns can exist for the best purposes and for the worst and when they go sideways the board gets dragged into the middle. They are not allowed.

Thanks for understanding.

Kristopher 08-07-2020 01:15 PM

Sadly the plan to run a last ditch fundraiser was not permitted. The need for such rules are tough but necessary.

I was unable to buy the bus because the logistical hurdle from the West Coast to Poland and the difficult situation Davisdesign found himself in was too much.

Perhaps there is a lucky buyer out there that can be found before the end of the month.

davisdesigns 08-08-2020 02:18 AM

Thank you all so much for your kind word, offers and attempts to help out. I have been working every day trying to get it street legal, lights, bumpers, mirrors, a seat so I would be able to drive it somewhere that last place that was an offer to rent a room and store the bus just changed her mind. About same day I got an offer after Kristopher had to decline due to exorbitant shipping cost which would have cost him more than the bus is worth in its current condition even in my opinion.
Even the asking price was a bit high but for haggling. It was probably on par with the hours spent but I know you never get those hours back. Anyways soon after I had gotten an offer when I lowered the price, it is a young couple that are overly excited to obtain it and were wanting to pick it up the same day but it wasnít street worthy and me not accept check until they clear posed an issue getting $20k cash out of the bank is like a federal crime or something now.
So we postponed until Monday so I could do more temporary work on it even though they said they would sit on a barrel and drive it back. It just doesnít sit right with me letting it go knowing all the issues they would have so I got a lot done and more to do if I can get access this weekend or Monday where they want to drive here do a bank transfer load everything in trucks and trailers and bus and head back before 3pm Jay Ďthe husbandí seems to be competent in many areas and says it isnít his first bus so that is comforting.
My luck is if something bad is going to happen it will happen so hopeful it sells without and bad event, Iím out of options and about to douse it in gas and light it up to make the stress go away. At least Iíll have room and board and 3 squares a day in the county jail, I feel like I have been in prison anyway for the last 12 years dealing with chronic health issues
I hope is sells, its almost a feeling a relief even though it makes me sick from all the work I put in over the last 4 or so years even working on Christmas days only taking days off when migraines were to bad to think straight. I have had remarkable improvements the last month or so though, less pain and fatigue.
My plan if it sell is to go to the coast and stay with my mom which I have neglected over the last dozen or so years and only visited a hand full of times. I plan on helping her, fix wat need be fixed take a break from life for a bit to regroup and figure out what to do with the money, probably see a real doctor since I will be able to afford one and that will consume a lot of it..
My mom is retired but does gardening/ land maintenance for side income so Iíll help her out doing whatever, help support her etc. I really want to move to Central America but donít know where, maybe buy and old sailboat (water bus) to live on. I just donít know accept I donít want to be in the Sac. valley any more.
Currently dealing with the landlord pulling the, I need a 60 day notice if you want your deposit so that has been an added stress because I thought it was 30 days when planning my getaway. The conversations wasnít a pleasant one but ďcovidĒ was brought up and how evections are not currently on the roster for the county and living rent free for some time is an option like so many people are apparently doing.
Anyways he seems to be willing to amend the contract to say 30 days now so I can be out by the need of the month and hopefully not lose my $1k deposit for this dump of course I will fully clean it as I always do. But who knows he will probably find a reason to steel my deposit like the rest of the slumlords in this area.

I just canít take any more stress, I see why people snap so lets hope the bus sells on Monday.
Maybe I can start posting the terabyteís of video and pictures I have amassed over the years in a few months to help people out or give them ideas like using e-track in buses.

Thanks again and please keep your fingers crossed for Monday

davisdesigns 08-08-2020 02:26 AM

Its ugly now

Kristopher 08-08-2020 03:21 AM

Fingers crossed mate you can offload on Monday! I would of been stoked if you got to keep it some way but it was not to be.

I am looking at another bus next to the port on the East coast. Nothing like what you had on offer but I'm not scared of a bit of extra work......already buying grinding wheels!

Freedomflyer45 08-12-2020 12:22 PM

Did you sell it?

hotrod1369 10-22-2020 07:22 PM

Have you sold your rig yet???

Shortbus2U 10-25-2020 10:22 PM

You still need help?
Are you still looking for a place to store work on it?

Kwest364 09-14-2021 05:02 PM

Whatever happened to this bus and David?
How do I private message?

o1marc 09-14-2021 05:40 PM


Originally Posted by Kwest364 (Post 452885)
Whatever happened to this bus and David?
How do I private message?

Click on their name on the left.

Bus'n it 09-14-2021 08:33 PM

The bus sold for almost pennies on the dollar. A young woman bought it from what I last read on FB. Felt bad for the seller. Buyer was very defensive on answering questions from what I remember.

WIbluebird 09-15-2021 08:22 AM

Do people ever check on the post dates before asking if a bus is still for sale? :facepalm:

I remember seeing this back when OP first started on it. Cool project and I'm sad we didn't get to see it through to completion (unless the new owner shows up on here).

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