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Jolly Roger bus 223 09-27-2020 12:49 PM

chevy 3500 electrical issue solved.
when i bought my new to me shorty i drove home with no turn signals,the a/c compressor wouldnt kick on?
finally had time to mess with it and after studying wiring diagrams and playing with things i decided to start with the fuses.
all the fuses associated with the problems looked good and or OHMED out fine so on to the turn signal multi function switch that this brand was notorious for issues with. before i pulled it to match it up in the parts store i was playing with it and everything in it worked except the turn signal and after pricing a new one at a 120$ i pulled it and OHMED out all of the corresponding pins and it tested to good?
so back down the wiring diagram rabbit hole.
i ended up finding a wiring diagram that i hadnt seen and traced it to a 7 year old youtube video where a man had had his in the shop several times and several 100$ later for the same two issues plus a few others.
what he found and in the wiring diagram he shared in the underhood fuse box fuse 22 labeled ignition E is where chevy wired the turn signals,something for the a/c compressor,check engine light and a few other things. his was blown he replaced it and it fixed his problems.
so i went to check mine?
i dont know why but i didnt even have a fuse in socket spot 22 ignition E?
didnt have a 10amp so it got a 15 amp for now but both of my issues turn signal and a/c compressor were solved with a fuse and not a 100$ turn signal switch.
now to figure out my intermittent RPM guage and oil pressure guage?
forgot to look to see if it fixed them also cause i was happy to have those to fixed.
will check at let yall know.
maybe this find will help someone else.

deimoi 06-06-2021 09:56 PM

How are fuse box locations numbered?

Jolly Roger bus 223 06-07-2021 05:37 PM

the repair manual doesnt state them as being numbered anything like one or two.
the main fuse box is where the main power goes to first and it mainly feeds the computer and most of the from PCM,ICM,BCM from there my secondary fuse box is inside under the drivers seat and if you really need to get into it for a decent amount of problems/issues and are already trying to do demo then just pull the seat and get it out of the way.
and dont just take a razor knife to the rubber flooring.
there are loads of wire under the drivers feet going to and leaving that fuse box including wiring ran under the walk area at the entrance door going to several things on the passenger side A pillar and the BCM up under where the glove box normally is.
PM me if you need wiring diagrams.
i have the chiltons manual for it.

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