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aajarvis 12-25-2020 10:11 AM

Do you need a place to work on your bus?
My daughter is converting a 1989 bluebird. She is working on it in Temecula California in the lot owned by the person she bought it from. What if some people negotiated a low rent with the owner so they could work on their skoolie? What if several people did this? What if it became a community of people sharing the conversion adventure?
Temecula is between San Diego and LA. Usually not too hot, not too cold, goes for months without rain. I want her to succeed, but I live 3000 miles away and cannot help her.
So do you need a place in Southern California to work on your conversion?

Rwnielsen 12-25-2020 11:06 PM

I might be interested. I just bought a 40' Blue Bird (MPV not Bus) and need a place to store and work on it.

aajarvis 12-26-2020 02:59 PM

Liability.... and the cute girl effect
The lot owner is worried about liability. My daughter is going to talk to him some more about this. But once people start worrying about liability that usually means the conversation is over. I think the only reason he is letting her stay is because he made something like $3000 when he sold her the bus plus the cute girl effect. Never underestimate the power of the cute girl effect.
A plumber worked on her water heater without charging her, a random stranger walking down the street climbed a ladder to help her with a roof tarp during a rainstorm. She thinks these kind of favors happen to everybody!

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