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Buster Junior 01-21-2021 06:26 PM

Air bag service light
So...i do drive the bus multiple times per week. No dummy lights on. Today the service air bag light came on. Does anyone know the significance or what my next step should be. I am thinking i need to get to mechanic, but cant do that for another 1 to 2 weeks. Is it safe to drive? Like not gonna blow up in my face or something? Thanks for any input✌

Sander 01-23-2021 09:46 AM

I have a similar problem with the seat belt light in my Tacoma. Found that wiggling the wires located under driver seat fixed the problem till the next bump.
Check out this #3 says "If your airbag light is on, it could also indicate a problem with your seat belts."

Buster Junior 01-23-2021 07:52 PM

Hey there Sander. Thanks for the response. It was interesting because it was not on when i parked it one evening. It sat for two days. Then when i started it up, the light was on. So no bumps that i am aware of to trigger it. I will fiddle with the seat belt tomorrow. I should be able to get it to mechanic in a week or so to check it out. Wish me will be Buster's first check up since i picked him up a few mos ago🤞

ol trunt 01-23-2021 08:37 PM

Get the codes read. Look for a fault with the clock spring.

Buster Junior 01-23-2021 09:36 PM

Ol trunt...i dont know what that means, but i will definitely mention to mechanic. Thank you!

Sander 01-24-2021 01:13 AM

Clock Spring.
Check your fuses.

I think Ol trunt is talking this:

You can have the codes read at most Auto parts stores. It would be better if you do that before taking it to the mechanic.

Buster Junior 01-24-2021 01:51 AM

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Sander, i just read the link. Interesting, now i know why my mechanic asked me to check if the horn was still working. The horn and radio are fine by the way. When i told him this, he said he would run a scan for me. I already had an appointment set for his first checkup anyway. So i think i will just wait for that. I drove him all day today and all else seems fine, just annoying looking at the little dummy light. I will keep you posted. Thanks.

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