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Chrystals0405 03-11-2021 08:12 PM

Pro's vs con's to short bus insulation?
I'm wondering if it's necessary to insulate a short skoolie.
Ill be living in it this summer from June - September. I live on Vancouver island in the pacific northwest where temperatures climb to + 30 celsius. I hear they can be saunas, but can't I just open the windows?
I will also be spending a week here and there through the winter where it's about 0 degrees celsius.
How important is insulation?
Worth losing the extra wall and ceiling space for?
Also potentially better for resale value ..

Danjo 03-11-2021 08:45 PM

A bus is a tin can with windows. You’ll probably be alright in the summer in the PNW with a fan, but in the winter it’s a heatsink. I have an uninsulated bus (well there’s the stock stuff) and I can tell you that the 3000 BTU heater that according to the manufacturer should be able to heat that size space doesn’t do a thing when it gets down to 40F. I’m having to throw a diesel heater at it so I can properly heat it in winter.

But unless you start deleting Or sealing windows I think you’ll have this problem even if you do insulate.

There’s definitely more knowledge on this site than I have, so stay tuned...

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