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ShortSraw 03-18-2021 01:13 AM

Open Sez'Me
Hi everyone. This is my first post to the forum. I've been a lurker without a log in for quite a while now. I just purchased a 2005 International 30 ft bus. The unit had a known issue with the entry door.not opening and closing.The seller suspected that the stearing wheel button was bad. Aftrer investigating a bit. It looks like theres no power going to the button at all. I have a few.switches around. So decided to attempt to bypass the steering wheel button with another mounted in the dash. So far. I can get the door to close. But.. I cant get it to open. I can hear the solenoids click when I touch power to the wires. (as I did with the close function). But... the door doesnt open. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.

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