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Rwnielsen 03-26-2021 02:57 PM

Dash top fan
My BB has a 2 speed fan on the dash that sounds like a turbine when it's running. I took it all apart, cleaned and oiled it and if anything it's louder than before. Is is the metal fan blade or...?

somewhereinusa 03-26-2021 03:58 PM

Mine do (91 AARE) They aren't really loud though. The two of them both on kind of get a harmonic going though. I think it's the pitch of the fan blade.

Rwnielsen 03-26-2021 04:51 PM

I might just try a nylon blade, although Its not too noticeable on the freeway, just around town.

Simplicity 03-27-2021 12:06 AM

Some of our buses fans are noisier than all get out. Can't hear the radio (dispatch). Others are super quiet and give off really nice air.

I did a little research and it appears that, yes, the shape of the fan does make a difference. I would also imagine how the blade flexes, not at all or a lot, can make a difference in the noise and harmonics.

I found this brand mentioned for RVs, which should be much quieter than trucks or buses, so the noise level of the fans might be lower???

maradyne 3000

I tried searching using the word "decibels" but not surprisingly, nothing came up. The manufactures probably don't want to discuss that topic much.

Best of luck.

Rwnielsen 03-27-2021 12:27 AM

I googled maradyne 3000 and came up with a bunch of fans. Most of theirs are all metal construction and they come in a variety of voltages. Thanks

cadillackid 03-27-2021 07:48 AM

I love those metal fans!! my DEV bus still has its originals complete with the carpenter logos.. totally iconic sound of the harmonics from those running while riding the bus on rainy days as a kid..

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