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drchefscott 02-02-2009 04:12 PM

Florida Registration & Geico/Progressive insurance
Ok I thought I would share some information I learned today. First let me start with the insurance. I have Geico for my auto insurance so I started with them. They insure RV's but not conversions of any kind. So upon your advice(s) I called Progressive who transfered me to a local rep on Fla. Being on the phone so long today it died so I have to call her back on Tuesday to find out a quote on a 1990 Ford. I used thtis since I have seen quite a few out there for about $1400-1800. It will give me a general idea of the price of insurance.

Now the state of Florida and registration. Since it is not converted (yet) the first year will cost approx. $200. including tags, title (including out of state title work) plus taxes at 7%. She said it will be registered as a non commercial bus. Both the wife and I have commercial licenses ( hers a class B and mine an A with the Passenger endorsement) so we are set in either case but would rather have it classified as an RV for future sales opportunities. Once the conversion is complete, we can bring it back to them (tag office) to be reclassified as an RV for the 2nd year registration and she said it should be under $50. a year for registration after that. So now I just have to wait for the tax refund and get my baby.

I will update as I hear more, but this seemed pretty painless.....SO FAR!!

drchefscott 02-03-2009 08:49 AM

Re: Florida Registration & Geico/Progressive insurance
Today (Tuesday) Progressive gave me a quote. I asked for(forseeing less insured people with the increased economic depression) a higher set of limits.

There quote is for a 1990 Ford school bus(just looked at a few from a district):

Bodily injury / Property Damage 100/300/50
Uninsured motorist 100/300
Fla (required) PIP 10,000

$335.32 annually

I thought that was great!! Thanks for suggesting Progressive everybody. And God forbid I get into a wreck, there will be an attractive brunette to come out and help me instead of a green lizard from Geico!!!

Next is the tax check next week and to go get my baby "Au Natural" !!

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