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ElementZero 05-05-2021 11:12 AM

Need information on Short Type C Bus
This probably sounds crazy but I'm looking to tow a 5th wheel using the automated safety hitch (or ASH) and a short school bus (basically due to length requirements). The school bus would just be for passengers, not made into an RV or anything (though I may upgrade it to like coach seats or something).

Let me be frank (as every time I've posted about this it inevitably comes up) I'm not really interested in hearing what people think about the safety of using the ASH itself (would not mind hearing thoughts about towing a 5th wheel with a bus though) or laws about double towing or any of that. Suffice to say I've done my research on that (and continue to do so!) and I'll take my chances, thanks.

That all being said, after doing some research for a day I've come to the conclusion that such bus would need to be a type c short bus HOPEFULLY older than 2004 with something like DT466 engine. IF I can find such a thing maybe 20' or less. I know they exist at least, just not sure how to find them. IC CE200/300? I also want the rear axle to be as close to the back of the bus as possible.

My question is what do you think such a bus would tow? The ASH's hitch will be welded to the bus frame. I'm sure I'll have more questions but for now this is my most pressing one.

Thank you!

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