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simplycurious 06-08-2021 05:34 AM

1996 Ford E350 Goshen Coach. Worth it??
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I have been looking for a cheaper skoolie camper conversion and came across this relic.

1996 ford e350 diesel, has the 7.3L engine and a Jasper transmission. 268,000 original miles, only 40k miles on the new Jasper trans.

I'll put a screenshot of some body photos as well as the details of what else has been replaced or repaired in the engine/drivetrain.

Also definitely needs a new set of tires, singles up front, duallys in the back.

It's by a lake and has sat for a good while. Current owner is asking $1800. It's already registered as an RV but needs some brake work and body work to get going Frame seems decent so far, going to look at it shortly. Interior is empty and ready to be gutted/repaired.

So my question is, would this be a worthwhile investment for basic camping/short term off grid conversion? It's not a school bus platform but looks decent as it.

Danjo 06-08-2021 05:57 AM

I’d wait for something better to come along.

peteg59 06-08-2021 10:18 AM

IF everything the seller says is true, he's put a lot of $$ into the drivetrain.
Is that enough to go on? No, a further chassis inspection is needed to ensure the body doesn't fall of the frame due to rust.

The asking price is low, probably due to the visible body damage? That damage is relatively cosmetic looking but that's where further inspection is needed to avoid buying a pig in a poke.

Good luck...

Mr4btTahoe 06-10-2021 02:00 PM

Having built a Goshen in the past, I'd take a close look at the framing for the body under the bus... they like to leak and rot. We had a '93 and I really enjoyed it but the bus was given to us so the only money I had in it was the build. They can be made nice.

Needing tires, substantial body work, looks like some glass, and a build out... you'll be in it for 5k minimum on top of the purchase price if you do everything yourself. Question is can you get your money back out of it come time to upgrade.

If its rotted out... I'd pass. If its somewhat solid under it and only needs minor wood work and such... then I'd consider it.

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