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magnakansas 07-18-2021 05:12 AM

most oddball bus in the usa
glaval low floor 2006....

built on workhorse LF72 chassis...

front wheel drive, allison 1000 series transmissin, duramax 6.6 diesel engine

I think this will get over 12 mpg at 70mph I have seen a mid 70's gmc motorhome on this chassis and he says he gets 17mpg at 70-75mph


cadillackid 07-18-2021 07:57 AM

I always thought these were pretty much motorhome conversion-ready. wit hthe service door behind the front cab its easy for setting up a nice driver / passenger area..

the one I saw in person had dashboard and rear A/C both,, ha! the person at that time was smoking crack on price just like this one..

if it were a 3500 or 4k bus i might buy it just to have something different

I thought the mid-70s GMC motorhomes were built with the cadillac eldorado front subframe.. with the 425 or 500 motor and the TH-425 transmission

magnakansas 07-18-2021 12:25 PM

you are correct Cadillac
Yea the GMC was also front drive using eldorado/toronado front driveline..

There is only one of the GMC converted to the LF72 chassis that I know of. It is silver and has aero type bodywork added around the lower sides and front. Painted silver. looks pretty slick. Was done at some place in Florida.

Part of the thing about using a bus for me was a bit more impact protection from the sides than a motor home...... That glaval looks good from a front inpact... lots to crush there..... but not so good from the side..... kind of reminds me of the Vixen motor homes.....


cadillackid 07-18-2021 12:35 PM

yeah any fiberglass low floor bus is going to be at a much higher risk of severe damage in a side impact collision than a school bus.. when you look at most school bus vs car accidents the car either just tears up the skirting or ends up turning the bus on its side (but the bus doesnt fly into a million pieces or crush badly.. the shell stays a shell)..

obviously makes for more reason to SECURE YOUR CONVERSION.. or build in such a way there is some type of head protection for where occupants ride in motion in case things fly around the cabin..

the true metal low floor busses like the Gillig city busses seem to fair pretty well in side crashes..

I really like some of the newer motorhomes that use a pickup truck cab as the front driver area as there is actually not only the pickup hood, dash, doors and windshield but also the pickup style roof.. so if you flip over and the motorhome sticks and staples fly into splinters at least its front passengers have the stability of most of a pickup cab

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