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MaxnMag 08-02-2021 07:29 PM

Looking for Solar Expert to double check my 24V Solar plan
I have put together what I believe is a solid solar and electric system, 24v, but would like to have someone more seasoned hear me out.

I would post the full setup here, and may edit this post in the future to do so. Currently I am looking for more of a 1-1 consult on the subject, as I have a few different questions regarding possible part swaps and other solutions that take quite a bit to spell out over a forum.I am also relatively new and donít want to ask repeated questions that may have been answered, or waste your time.

If you are knowledgeable and have time to spare, I can make our conversation worth your while! (Consult fee, etc) I value second opinions and especially those with more experience, as I know many of you have. Please DM me if you are interested in a phone/zoom call in the upcoming week. I appreciate any and all help in advance.

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