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nickagliano 08-04-2021 12:35 PM

Office Chair for Skoolie Build
I spent a good chunk of money on a herman miller office chair and I want to bring it on the bus, but only if it makes sense.

- It's really comfortable
- I don't want to ruin my back for the rest of my life sittin' in a bad chair 8+ hours a day

- It's on roller wheels
- It might get in the way? It's maybe not the best general-use seating?

I'm wondering if any skoolie office workers have considered bringing a more traditional office chair? Or incorporating something that into their build? I'm wondering if there might be a way to mod it and bolt it to the floor or on some sort of rotating arm. But that might not be worth the effort.

o1marc 08-04-2021 01:06 PM

Anything that can move must be secured before travel.

nickagliano 08-04-2021 05:18 PM

Yeah. So it might not be the best idea to keep the wheels on it. But I could set up a little tie-down station for the rolling chair. I'm thinking it would be nice to have a way to more permanently secure it somewhere. Like so:

Drew Bru 08-04-2021 05:29 PM

You could put D rings in the floor or on the walls or wherever and strap it down. Or strap it to something that's securely installed. You can only minimize the projectiles so much though.

musigenesis 08-04-2021 06:45 PM

I have a regular office chair in my bus. It conveniently has this bar on the back of the seat and I hook it over a pair of bicycle hooks when I'm driving.

The bike hooks are temporary, I'll eventually replace them with something that works the same but looks better.

When using my desk, I would absolutely never want my chair to be fixed to the floor.

shaymcquaid 08-05-2021 10:58 AM

Are you talking DRIVERS seat?

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