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Bear Gerschafer 10-26-2021 04:08 PM

1995 International 3800 - carrier bearing and rear suspension leak
Skoolie Fam!
Our bus is in the shop for one last oil change and inspection before we take-off, and the mechanic noted play in the carrier bearing, and a leak in the rear suspension.

They said neither one is an emergency situation, that I can drive it for now, but should think about replacing before or during my next service. They are looking up ETA on parts, just incase I want to pull the trigger now, but she did mention parts are hard to get right now.

My question: are either of these an easy DIY job? Carrier bearing looks easy enough to find, and fairly inexpensive - just not sure I have the mechanical chops to pull it off without many hours of youtube education ;)

For the rear suspension - the 2 air bags in back look almost brand new and I haven't had a chance to get under there with the soapy water to check for leaks.

Are either of these emergency problems that I should fix before we hit the road? Or could they be handled along the journey? (We will be in Iowa for a few weeks and I could possibly plan a head with a shop to get the service done there. . . or anywhere along our route for that matter)

any input or advice is much appreciated, and thank you all of your help so far :Thanx:

Bear Gerschafer 10-26-2021 06:32 PM

Quick follow up - the shop (W.W. Williams) called with some quotes, and confirmation they can get the parts delivered within a day or two if needed. If/when we go for the repairs we can probably get the bus back within 3 or 4 days.

Rear shocks (leaking) - $520

Carrier Bearing (loose, play in the bearing) - $630

All prices pre-tax and disposal fees.

Full oil change with filters came in at $575, not too bad for 30qts I think?

I'll pick the bus back up this afternoon and will probaby take it to another shop just to get a second opinion (we like our due diligence).

Still interested in any of the wizards' opinions on these parts, repairs, and how important / urgent the repairs may be :)

Thanks y'all!

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