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paul iossi 11-12-2009 03:31 PM

Re: IH 345 Gas Alternator Issues
what kind/brand of alternator do you need, most of them are pretty generic, :) check with your local auto electric or auto parts and match something up off the shelf 8), the pulleys can be swapped to spin the alternator at the correct speed.

my guess would be that it is either a prestolite, delco or leece/neeville alt. if you go with a self regulating alternator you only need a + wire to the charging system and a good ground thru the case.

frank-id 11-14-2009 09:55 PM

Alternator Issues
The single most important decision about alternators is.. how much recharge do ya need/want. Common today alternators are very powerful and mostly very inexpensive. Most auto alts are easy to mount, repair,find and install. Just about all cars and trucks are 12 volt with a negative ground. The big trucks and buses use lots of electrical energy to spin the starters/engines so usually the alternator has a huge output. The number one reason for an alternator failure is............ bad battery connections. Alternators should be called amplifiers ..... because the alternator must have a 12 volt input to make 14.4-14.8 volts. This enough to over come the battery voltage. A battery that indicates 12.0 volts is about 75% discharged. Wanna destroy a cheap battery charger? Connect to a low battery and try to start the engine. To good way of starting a low battery engine is with another battery source with cables. The battery that is low on voltage must be charged. A amp meter has caused more problems than any other device, ya know bad connections. A good voltmeter is a great tool for electrical testing and battery condition. Alternator drive belts are very important for alt performance and longivity. If the belts are too tight, say good bye to the bearings. One inch is a good rule of thumb for belt tightness........ Frank

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